Using evidence to improve your service and help get the resources you need

Increasingly funders are looking to commission services that can demonstrate the difference they make supporting the needs of children and young people and their families.  Funders are becoming less interested in the provision of activities and outputs, and more interested in the delivery of outcomes – or the difference the intervention will make to the child or young person.

A Club Matters Business Planning Workshop – Find Learning: Workshops

This workshop will cover: –

  • What a business plan is and why your club should have one
  • Who you should involve in creating a business plan and when you should use it
  • How to develop a plan for your club using a simple framework
  • Practical advice on what to include in your plan, how to structure it and pitfalls to avoid

An event to open up the world of publicly available health and well-being data to support the business development of third sector organisations.

As a result of the session participants will be able to: – 

  • Identify at least three publicly available data sources which are freely available at the point of access to assist third sector organisations with their business development activities.
  • Improve their ability to access and navigate at least three publicly available data sources.
  • Consider how they might apply publicly available data sources in future to support a range of business development activities.