Closure of Tiny Teddies Community Creche

It is with heavy hearts that the Trustees announce that Friday 25th May will the last operating day for the Creche.

The Tiny Teddies Community Creche was started 3 years ago by a group of parents, wanting to continue the Creche facility at the Ashbourne Leisure Centre. The District Council had decided to close the group, despite objections from parents and a small group of volunteers, along with the original staff from the creche, re-opened the facility. Over the years, the Creche has looked after more than 120 different young people, as well as helping parents, grandparents and carers use the leisure centre facilities.

Along with fundraising efforts and grants from organisations, the Creche has run since April 2015 and helped parents keep active, whilst their children are looked after by caring, qualified staff.

Despite efforts to promote the creche and boost numbers, the Creche has seen a decline in usage. The trustees have worked hard to keep the creche going, however increasing pressures such as statutory wage increases affecting the cost to run the creche and we have remained reliant on fundraising. With no new trustees forthcoming, this has meant very difficult trading in the last 6 months.

The Trustees would like to thank firstly the staff, Natasha, Leah, Faith, Melissa, Jess, Katie and Angela. They have made the creche what it is, a welcoming place for little ones to play and be cared for. The Trustees would also like to thank the local and national groups that have helped with grants. All monies received have helped with running the creche and promoting its service to the local community.

The Trustees hope that all who have used the Creche will join them in thanking everyone involved and wish the staff well in their next endeavours.