Energy Advice

Marches Energy Agency is offering free advice sessions for people on low incomes or in living in fuel poverty.

If you work for an organisation that supports people on a low income or living in fuel poverty you may be interested in getting in touch with the Marches Energy Trust. See

If you can provide a venue and bring a group of  10-15 people together who would benefit from advice on: –

  • switching energy supplier and tariff
  • understanding and changing payment for energy bills
  • tackle fuel debt
  • access grants to improve energy efficiency of homes
  • make no- and low-cost energy efficient changes to their home
  • make simple behavioural changes to use less energy and keep warm and healthy

Then it would be worth you finding out more from Peter Burgess-Allen on 07876 150207 or email

Attendees are strongly recommended to bring an energy bill or statement with them