School Grants Scheme – Institute of Physics

The aim of the scheme is to provide schools with grants of up to £600 for projects or events linked to the teaching or promotion of physics and engineering.

Since the scheme was established in 2005 the STFC and IOP have awarded almost £250,000 to projects that have benefited over 94,000 pupils.

Grants can be used to support a range of projects, for example:

  • running a school/college based science week activity
  • purchasing materials/resources outside of the normal department resources
  • organising a visit to or from a working physicist

Eligibility and timing
The scheme is open to all UK educational institutions (schools and colleges) catering for pupils/students in the age range 5-19.

Application form:  this is available on the website below and submit it by email to Applications will only be accepted by email.

There are three deadlines per year – usually 1st February, 1st June and 1st November

Telephone:  Institute of Physics  020 7470 4800