Subscribing to our newsletter

Thank you for subscribing to our e-mail newsletter which is a short, monthly publication sent out via e-mail. You may have subscribed to our newsletter yourself, or your email address may have been added to the list by us following a conversation at a CVS event or advice session, or your group may be a member of DDCVS and you may be the primary contact.

Our members receive notification of our Annual General Meetings, and any Extraordinary General Meetings that may be called. In addition, members receive the monthly e-mail newsletter, and updates about events, training and other topics that are relevant to the voluntary and community sector, and particularly to members of DDCVS. We have a legitimate interest in retaining contact data of our members and sharing information with them that is relevant to the voluntary and community sector.

Members – please note that though you can unsubscribe from the CVS newsletter, this may mean that your organisation doesn’t receive information about training, events, small grants, etc. that may be of interest. By all means, unsubscribe if you prefer but you could suggest that another member of your committee subscribes to receive our news.

As well as our members and statutory partners we are in touch with a number of groups from time to time, who do not wish to be members. For these groups, we would like to gain consent that we hold their data in order to be able to send our newsletter and share information about their groups on a community database. Please keep an eye out for a direct email from us asking for your consent to retain and process this data.

If you have any questions about how we use your data please contact us on 01629 812154 and speak to Sarah or Neil.