Escape Project

The Escape Project is a joint programme commissioned by Derbyshire Dales Community Housing run in partnership with Derbyshire Dales CVS. The project aims to engage people living in supported accommodation or in receipt of floating support within the Derbyshire Dales into meaningful activities and to help them engage with their local community.

The project promotes access to opportunities such as leisure; health; education; employment and social activities. Last year opportunities included regular visits to Garden Farm where we participate in farming activities and take in the surroundings; coffee and craft mornings; attending the Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health “Flowers in the Field” garden and taking part in some gardening or just enjoying being out of doors; a chance to explore the natural environment at Blackwell and translate what we saw into clay; sport related activities with the District Council’s Sports Development Team as well as a football session with Derby County’s Disability Officer.

If would like to refer someone to the Escape Project please contact Carolyn Walker on 01629 810905 or by Email.