Recent Work with Local Community Groups

Case studies of our work with community groups:

The Imperial Good Food Club, Matlock

The Developmentimg_0253 Team at CVS works regularly with the Imperial Good Food Club which meets in the Imperial Rooms, Matlock on a weekly basis. During 2016 we have supported the group with writing press releases for local newspapers about the group and taking photographs for the group to use in publicity materials.

The group is hoping to attract new members to their meetings, which are Tuesdays from 11.45 onwards at the Imperial Rooms where a hot meal, freshly cooked locally, is served.

In addition to giving support with publicity, we have signposted the group to IT support from a local volunteer and the volunteer support available from the Voluntary and Community Services Peaks and Dales. Subsequently, the group has had a website built for them: –

We continue to support the group in applying for funding when appropriate.


Parkinson’s UK Bakewell Support Group

The Development Team at CVS worked with the local contact for the Parkinson’s UK Bakewell Support Group in April and May 2016. We gave 3 one-to-one advice sessions and some email follow-up to the group as well as to other interested parties such as the Treasurer for the local umbrella organisation and a local funder.

We began by doing a search for small grants for them to pay for speaker’s fees; transport to the monthly meetings; refreshments and printing costs. We highlighted four small grants for the group to apply to and supported them in completing the applications.

As a result of this support, the group has been awarded a small grant from the Better Derbyshire Dales Fund and it is hopeful that they will be awarded a small grant from the District Council’s Local Projects Fund. The group decided not to proceed with the Foundation Derbyshire application but at least now they are aware of what is required, should they wish to apply in the future.

The support the group received from DDCVS has allowed it to access funding to pay for the group’s running costs for the next 12 months. The group meets on the first Friday of the month at Stanton Day Hospital, Newholme and offers support and encouragement, entertainment and information to anyone with Parkinson’s disease, their carers, family and friends. Members pay £4 each to the group.