A quick guide to setting up Zoom for your community group

With the lock-down set in place for the New Year, and potentially for a good number of weeks, we are keen to support groups in whatever way we can. One such way is showing you how we run our get-togethers on Zoom so that you might think about running something similar for your group.

We don’t consider ourselves experts by any means but we can help you to join a Zoom meeting, participate in one and to set up your own Zoom meeting.

We are particularly keen to offer this to those community groups that haven’t had a meeting since March 2020, we might even host your first session – depending on how many groups take us up on this offer! So please let us know – email Jonathan or Sarah at the CVS via enquiries@ddcvs.org.uk

Potential dates available are: –  Tuesday 19th January at 2.30pm, Wednesday 20th January at 4.00pm or Friday 29th January at 10.30am,