‘Bakewell – Our Choices and Opportunities.’

We have heard from a local gentleman about a potential new group he is keen to establish.

“I am a Grandfather to two lovely girls and we all live in Bakewell. My generation has been very fortunate, and so I am doing my very best to give their generation some hope and a great future in our lovely town, as we adapt to climate change.”

It is very difficult to ignore climate change, Bakewell for instance, has experienced temperatures in the 30’s, monsoon rain, floods and marble sized hailstones.
Europe, California, Canada and China have had far worse weather events with more to come. So what can we do?

Right now we need to push the Government to show leadership in the run up to COP26, so that we have the biggest impact possible and convince the big polluters to follow.
Over the next weeks, months and years we will all need to adapt to our changing world. What is your vision of Bakewell in 5 to 10 year’s time?

How about helping grow more local produce, How about helping set up repair and refilling shops? Improved cycle links with remote park and ride? Imagine a river clean enough to swim in, which is less flood prone? What about a water turbine to support a local low cost electricity scheme.

Working together we can not only adapt, but improve our local environment.
Please don’t get anxious about the future, get involved. With enough support we can start a Transition Bakewell group to support local projects that really will make a difference to all of us.
Check out our website at www.sageorstuffed.com and let me know about your vision.
If you have skills or energy to offer please help us get Bakewell moving forward.