Caring in Hathersage Support Group

“With the impact of Coronavirus on all of us and the need to self-isolate and stay at home we have set up this support group. It is made up of representatives from Careline, Cameo Café, Hathersage Luncheon Centre, Hathersage Diamonds, Hathersage Befriending Service, the 3 churches, the school, the Council and a medical advisor.

There is a network of trusted volunteers who will be posting the note below through letterboxes over the next few days. Please keep this in a safe place as it will provide you with the name of a friendly neighbour who is able to help you.

We recognise that many people in our community are already helping each other and this is intended to bring us together as a community to ensure that no-one is left feeling alone and without the knowledge that someone will help them.”

If you would like to volunteer to help in Hathersage or you know someone who would like support please contact:

Telephone: 01433 208144
Join the Facebook group, search for: “Caring in Hathersage Support Group”