Derwent Connections

In 2021 the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust launched their Derwent connections project, a community focused project based in the Derbyshire Derwent River catchment. Working with individuals and community groups across Derbyshire, the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust are developing woodland creation and natural flood management projects throughout the county to help alleviate the risks of flooding.

The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust would like to support community groups, and individuals in taking actions to help alleviate flooding around the Derwent River catchment. There are a number of ways the Trust can support and work with you, from offering support, education materials and toolkits to attending events and providing training on natural flood management and woodland creation. This can happen through a number of activities including tree planting, dam creation, hedgerow development, all of which help to slow the flow of water into the Derwent River.

If you would like to discuss how you could work with the Derbyshire wildlife trust on natural flood management and Woodland creation in your area please contact George Jones, Wilder Communities Officer via email at –