Fit on Foot – a new concept in healthy activity

Fit on Foot is a free, personalised, Fitness Journey unique in both concept and application. It is entirely different from traditional type exercise.

Designed and developed in collaboration with Professor Lettie Bishop of the University of Loughborough and Phill Alcock, UK Athletics Registered Coach (Fitness in running and walking) and International Nordic Walking Federation Instructor, this programme is a unique combination of academic expertise and practical coaching experience.

Delivered online in order to enable the majority of people to take part wherever they may be, and at a time suitable to them, it addresses a number of needs and objectives.

The programme is not only for the able-bodied but includes special modules for anyone with mobility issues, a special section for seniors, and those seeking effective weight management. Other modules deal specifically with mental health and stress as well as specific sessions for family groups. In particular specific modules include fitness walking, mindful walking, pole assisted walking for anyone with mobility issues, Nordic Walking for health and fitness, Adventure Trekking (and navigation), learning to run and improving running with cross-training. Each of these modules can be taken alone or can be combined if desired. The modules are supported by specific Zoom meetings and specialised Webinars.

For further details contact or 07484868949