Free Courses in England

Visit to view many free online courses avilable including Mental Health First Aid; Digital Skills and Cleaning Knowledge and Skills.

Many courses offer NCFE CACHE lEVEL 1 or 2.

NCFE used to stand of Northern College of Further Education but is now known just as NCFE. CACHE stands for Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education.

Level 2 is GCSE level but isn’ta GCSE, and with many of the courses online being six to eight weeks, I would guess that the level of difficulty is comparable to a GCSE but it isn’t the same as getting a full GCSE qualification.

I can’t find an answer to ‘what is the LEVEL 1 CACHE is equivalent to’! It seems to be offered as a suite of modules in further education settings, where at the end of the year students would be awarded a qualification based on their achievements.

Nonetheless, some interesting subjects to study, from Free Courses in England.