Living Your Best Life!

Derbyshire County Council is working together with Sortified to ask the people of Derbyshire – What do you need to live your best life in Derbyshire, now and in the future?

Sortified is a social enterprise and consultancy which aims to create and produce positive change for people, communities, and community organisations.

DCC wants to understand more about the type of support people might want or have wanted, when they needed help. The views captured in this engagement will not only help the Council plan more effectively for local communities, but will also assist other agencies and providers like DDCVS across the health, housing and social care system, in developing services.

We are therefore asking all of our providers to help Sortified reach as many of our Derbyshire citizens as possible, by promoting the engagement across your service and supporting people to participate. The engagement is live for the next 6 weeks through to 27 December 2021.

Please go to where you will be able to see all the ways people can get involved and share their views. These range from surveys (including accessible surveys) and quick polls, to details of online and in real life sessions across the County. If you’d like more information or have any further questions, please contact Sortified directly on or through and they will be happy to assist or advise.

All the engagement tools and resources are open to anyone who lives in Derbyshire and we want to reach all citizens, regardless of whether they are accessing social care services or not. We want to include the views of young people approaching adulthood, potential users of social care and current users of social care (including those placed outside of Derbyshire).

Please complete this too if you’re a Derbyshire resident and promote it to friends and family who live in Derbyshire. This is your chance to be heard, influence plans and help everyone live their best life in Derbyshire.