The Advisory Committee deals with the recruitment and recommendation for appointment of Magistrates and may also investigate allegations of misconduct by Magistrates. Each Advisory Committee consists of both Magistrate and non-Magistrate members and should reflect the community it serves and the wider Magistrate community.

The Advisory Committee is currently seeking to recruit ONE non-Magistrate members to join the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Advisory Committee.

Successful candidates will have good interpersonal skills and good judgement of character and will possess the ability to interview candidates for the Magistracy.

These roles are voluntary, although travel expenses may be claimed, if appointed. Applicants must have time available to attend at least one full Committee meeting per year plus taking part in the sifting of applications (which may be done online) and at least 12 full-day interview sessions. Successful applicants must attend a two-day training session before they can take part in the work of the Committee. Due to COVID 19 all interviews will be done online via Microsoft Teams.

For further information or an application form please contact:

Closing date: Noon on 7th December 2021