We have produced a number of fact-sheets to help you with common questions that arise for voluntary and community groups. These are meant as a guide only. You are always welcome to contact us to ask advice on a particular subject. Fact-sheets available to download as PDF:

Chairing a Meeting

A good Chair helps the meeting to run smoothly and efficiently. Here are some useful tips and advice to help improve and develop your chairing skills.

Legal Structures

People who are starting new organisations, or running existing ones, often find it difficult to decide which the best legal structure for their organisation is. There are a number of options for not-for-profit, charitable and voluntary organisations.

Local Fundraising

An event can be anything from a street party or a school fete to a demonstration or a public meeting. However an event of any kind usually involves some sort of public gathering, and can often involve the hiring of premises, or the sale of food/drink. As a result there are quite a few legal considerations to think about.

Managing Small Community Capital Projects

A project can involve doing something out of the ordinary for a period of time – something that may stretch an organisation and its people. The only certain thing is that sooner or later a project will come to end and there will be an expectation or legacy that project was intended to deliver and questions to be answered if the project fails to deliver. This short guide suggests some simple steps you can take to increase the chances of delivering for your stakeholders, community and your funders.

Registering as a Charity

There are over a 150,000 registered charities in England and Wales. At Derbyshire Dales CVS, we are often asked what the benefits of being a Registered Charity are, and if there are any disadvantages.